When a 'desperate' appeal from the heart just works

Charity fundraising isn't easy in normal times.  Let alone in a pandemic.  

It's hard asking people to part with a few pennies, and when times are tough it's even harder.

One day in December I received an email appeal from the Alzheimer's Society chief executive explaining how 'desperate' they were for funds. 

'Desperate', that's how they described the situation.  The words they used shocked me, and it really struck a chord.  This was a personal cry for help.

I was impressed by their sincerity and frankness, it came from the heart.  Immediately, they had my attention.

Not least because my Mum passed away from dementia three years ago.  To anyone who's been affected, I don't need to tell you how upsetting it is to see loved ones suffer from this horrid, degrading disease.

People affected by dementia have been hit the hardest by coronavirus.  Its impact has been truly 'catastrophic' says the charity.  Over 25% of people who've died with Covid-19 had dementia.

Desperate and catastrophic, these are emotive words that I couldn't ignore.  And it compelled me to do my bit.

We organised our fundraising Memory Walk in memory of Mum.  Alzheimer's Society provided lots of helpful marketing material and advice and so far we've raised over £650.

This wonderful charity was brave enough to be bold in their marketing message and I'm so pleased to help support them.

If you can spare a few pennies, there's still time to donate to my JustGiving page.   Ends 31 March.

A massive thank you.